AnyChart Stock and Financial Flash Chart Overview

AnyChart Stock and Financial Charts (short name: AnyStock) is an XML/JSON Flash based financial charting solution. AnyStock technology turns your real time data into highly sophisticated charts with interactive capability, bringing visualization of your data to the Web. Designed to display data and time based information, AnyStock is the ideal tool for client reporting and performance based reporting applications. Reports and Dashboards are visualized with scrolling, drill downs, panning and zoom functionality.

AnyStock offers a wide variety of financial chart types and technical indicators including SMA, EMA, MACD, Bollinger Bands and PSAR, to name just a few. AnyStock brings analysis of your FOREX, commodity and investment market data to life. The ability to review long term and large data sets can easily be handled with scroll, pan, and zoom controls. Adding news events (analyst opinions, insider trading, dividends, and key developments) improves your ability to analyze information effectively.

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Find out how AnyChart Stock will work in your case:

The product allows you to solve your important business tasks with minimal IT department involvement. Speed time-to-market and get incredible data visualization. Take a look at most often scenarios for different business needs.
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Quickly build full interactive financial charts. Simple integration and customization. Flexible data handling. Both XML and JSON interfaces. Real-time data streaming. Dynamic PDF export. Event markers, logarythmic scale.
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We have prepared a lot of different samples to demonstrate various features of our product. All samples are provided with all configuration settings. Check out our demo portals, view samples and watch online tutorials.
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