AnyMap Documentation

AnyMap is an Extension of AnyChart Flash Charts, but it can be used and licensed separately.

AnyMap User's Guide and XML Reference are incorporated into AnyChart Package.

Both User's Guide and XML Reference are included into Downloadable Trial Version.

General User's Guide

In users guide all documents are organized with a tree navigation and created as a tutorials, covering main topic regarding component features and linking to other tutorials when needed.

Open User's Guide in a new window: AnyChart Users's Guide - AnyMap Section .

XML Reference

If you are an experienced user and want to know what certain attributes can be used in a certain node and/or what are all possible attribute values - use XML Reference, that lists all nodes and attributes.

Open XML Reference in a new window: AnyChart XML Reference.

Knowledge Base

AnyChart Knowledge Base contains basic information about AnyChart Products and Frequently Asked Questions.

Open AnyMap Section of Knowledge Base in a new window: AnyChart Knowledge Base.

Map Samples

A lot of map samples can be found in the Maps Gallery, note that when you are looking at the live sample you can view XML Settings for it using "View XML" button at the bottom of the sample, or copy chart XML settings to the clipboard using "Copy XML" button.

Also, almost all tutorials in the User's Guide contain feature demonstration samples.