Chart types

Wide variety of Chart Types (most of the chart types are available in 2D and 3D):

Column 2D chart Column chart Bar 2D Chart Bar Chart
Line 2D Chart Line Chart Spline 2D Chart Spline Chart
Step-Line 2D Chart Step-Line Chart Area 2D Chart Area Chart
Spline-Area 2D Chart Spline-Area Chart Step-Line-Area 2D Chart Step-Line-Area Chart
Range-Column 2D Chart Range-Column Chart Range-Bar 2D Chart Range-Bar Chart
Range-Area 2D Chart Range-Area Chart Range-Spline-Area 2D Chart Range-Spline-Area Chart
Stacked Column 2D chart Stacked Column chart Stacked Bar 2D Chart Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Area 2D Chart Stacked Area Chart Stacked Spline-Area 2D Chart Stacked Spline-Area Chart
Stacked Step-Line-Area 2D Chart Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart 100% Stacked Column 2D chart 100% Stacked Column Chart
100% Stacked Bar 2D Chart 100% Stacked Bar Chart 100% Stacked Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Area Chart
100% Stacked Spline-Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Spline-Area Chart 100% Stacked Step-Line-Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart
Dot/Marker Chart Dot/Marker Chart Bubble Chart Bubble Chart
Stock(HLOC) Chart Stock(HLOC) Chart Candlestick Chart Candlestick Chart
Scatter Chart Scatter Chart Pie Chart Pie Chart
Doughnut Chart Doughnut Chart Circular Gauge Circular Gauge
Horizontal Gauge Horizontal Gauge Vertical Gauge Vertical Gauge
Image Gauge Image Gauge Indicator Gauge Indicator Gauge
Thermometer Gauge Thermometer Gauge Tank Gauge Tank Gauge

Also we're adding new chart type constantly. If you need any chart type that are not available in our set, please contact us and we'll add it.

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