Our licensing is very flexible, we are ready to offer models that work ideally for every partner. Feel free to contact our sales representatives if you have any questions regarding licensing or pricing.

License Type Description Websites Servers Applications Upgrades and Support
Website License This license is designed to be utilized on your corporate website or free web application 1 3 1

1 month

Intranet Application License Choose this one for your corporate intranet applications - Unlimited 3

1 month

Team Application License Allows you to use on both corporate Intranet and website applications (non-SaaS) 1 Unlimited 5

3 months

Enterprise Application License For those who utilize applications extensively throughout their corporate environments, available for use on both intranet and corporate websites (non-SaaS) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

6 months

SaaS For Software as a Service clients interested in utilizing our products as part of your web based subscription application. Learn more. Contact us
OEM For Companies who wish to embed AnyChart as part of their Licensed Software Product or embed in their hardware solution. Learn more. Contact us

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