Features - AnyGantt Flash Gantt Chart Component

Ability to Edit Gantt Elements

AnyGantt gives user the ability to edit Gantt Chart on a clien-side. User can move tasks, change the duration and progress. Besides GUI based interface AnyGantt features JavaScript based data manupulation functions.

Nicely Designed Defaults

Style Based Visualization allows developers to segregate functional part from design part and focus on the business logics. Nicely designed defaults allow to keep design tasks away at all!

Smart Scale

AnyGantt features very flexible and user-friendly time scale. Developer can configure time-scale, so it fits the project using wide number of patterns and possible intervals, variable number of levels. From the user point of view scale would be highly informative, interactive and aesthetic tool to navigate through the project data.

Rich Zooming Features

AnyGantt features Navigation Toolbar, which makes navigation through the project fast and easy. Developer has the ability to control scale and zoom using JavaScript functions, which makes possible the creation of custom navigation toolbars.

Support Both Project and Resource Charts

AnyGantt allows you to visualize both Project (Task based), and Schedule (Resource based) charts. Whatever chart type is used you can use all features of configurable Timeline, Datagrid and so on.

Advanced Text Formatting

For all text based elements, such as labels, tooltips or data-grid columns AnyGantt features powerful formatting options. The set of build-in tokens and formatting specifications makes data configuration and visualization modification very easy.

Multi-Page Printing

Anygantt supports both single-page and multipage printing. With multipage printing you can add custom page numbers, headers and footers. Printing job can be started both from configurable context menu and using JavaScript functions.

Rich Data-Grid Control

Data-Grid that holds basic task or resource information is highly configurable. You can add any number of custom columns that can contain additional task or resource data. Each column can have custom text formatting and data-grid itself can be redesigned to reflect important data specifics.

Meta Data - Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes allows you to attach any additional data to tasks, resources or periods. This data can be used in tooltips, labels and data-grid. Custom attributes can be read using JavaScript functions to supply necessary data to your web application.

Rich Visual Settings

Each element of AnyGantt Gantt charts can be configured in its own way with a help of flexible Style based design system.


AnyGantt allows you to configure Date Time with a wide number of formatting options: long/short months and days names, national date format and so on. You can also localize all these attributes according to your choice.

Any Platform can be Used

AnyGantt is the Flash Based component, which can be used in any Web project. It doesn't depend on any platform for all data and settings are stored in XML format.

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