Online Demos

This section contains of AnyChart Stock Component demo web-applications and a set of samples, that show various component features:

Anychart Technical Analysis Portal

This Rich Internet Application shows how AnyChart Stock component can be used to create stock market analysis system.

This sample application provides the ability to use technical indicators built-in to the component to analyze of one sample stock. Besides these technical analysis options, there is an option to compare different companies stock quotations using "Compare To" menu. For the ease of data representation and handling user has abilities to change series display type, switch between logarithmic and linear axis scales and display significant events on the plot.

Currency Exchange Rates Charts

This sample Rich Internet Application demonstrates incredible capabilities of AnyChart Stock Component for currency exchange rates visualization.

User can choose currency pair and view historical exchange rates, which can be displayed either in absolute values or in a form of changes. Four different chart types along with some other visualization settings are available. Also there is a custom table control to display latest quotes information.

Application uses AJAX data loading techniques to allow smooth data loading without significant delays.

Drawing Tools and Annotations Demo

This sample demonstrates full set of AnyChart Stock Drawing tools that can be used for Technical Analysis.

User can draw Trend lines, Rays, Lines, Triangles, Ellipses, Rectangles, Trend Channels, Andrew's Pitchfork, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fans, put Buy/Sell Signals and Custom Text Labels to the chart. Full editing, coloring and line style tuning is also available.

One of the most amazing AnyStock Demos is just a click away from you.

Online HTML/Javascript Samples Center

Large collection (83 samples for the moment), that demonstrate almost all available options of AnyChart Stock Component usage within HTML and JS. Most of the samples are targeted on showing various AnyChart Stock JavaScript API options.

Each sample comes with an annotated source code, description and ability to download sample files for use or study. This collection is the "must see" place for the developers, who want to use our component in the Web applications.

Localization and Date-Time Formatting Utility

This utility is a very handy tool for the developers, who need to create localized charts and, at the same time, a nice demo of AnyChart Stock Localization options.

You can choose any preset (language) and obtain localization configuration for use in your charts or application in XML or JSON format.

There are 130 presets available and they cover most of the regions on the Earth!

Saving Drawings and Settings to the Web Storage

This Rich Internet Application shows how AnyChart Stock component can be used to create stock market analysis system with ability to draw annotations and save changes in a browser localStorage (also known as the Web Storage).

This sample application provides the ability to use technical indicators, comparison mode, scale settings, display type, axes settings, event markers and almost all other major AnyStock features. All the changes made by user can be saved in the Web Storage (if browser supports it) and they are displayed when on the next page visit.