AnyGantt Version History

AnyGantt 4.3.0Released May 9th, 2013

AnyGantt 4.2.0Released November 15th, 2011

AnyGantt 4.1.0Released June 14th, 2009

  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using client-side User Interface.
  • Editing tasks, resources or periods properties using JavaScript.
  • Ability to select tasks, resources or periods.
  • Editing, selection event model.
  • Summary Tasks Auto-Recalculation.
  • Retrieving chart details in XML format.
  • Retrieving chart details in JavaScript format.
  • Milestones in Resource Projects.
  • Resources Grouping Feature.

AnyGantt 4.0.3Released February 23th, 2008

  • Users Guide With Large Number of Samples.
  • MultiPage Printing Support.
  • TimeLine Scale Improvement Update.
  • Quarter Token in TimeLine Scale.
  • {%CompleteDate} Token Support.
  • Custom Default Resource Style Support.
  • Context Menu Localization.
  • Customizable Datagrid Columns Formatting.

AnyGantt 4.0Released September 25th, 2008

  • Task Projects
  • Resource Projects.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Scrolls.
  • Splitted Tasks Support.