AnyChart Features

Save as image
Save chart as Image

AnyChart allows to save chart as image by clicking right mouse button and selecting "Save as Image". Also this feature allows to automate server side report generation. AnyChart is the first product that supports this feature! To test this feature please visit our gallery, open any sample and click right mouse button on any chart.

Correct printing with FireFox browser

Everybody knows that when you’re trying to get “Print preview” in Firefox some “strange” things happen: all Flash content disappears. AnyChart is the first product that solves this issue.


Multiple Axes

Multiple Axes feature allows to display several scales when dealing with data. Each axis can be customized using its properties to meet your needs. You can have as many axes as you want. Any data series can be linked to any axis, you can compare different series using different scales or display different scales for the same data. Any axis can be positioned and completely customized.

True Date/Time support

AnyChart supports date/time - it means you can operate with any date/time data without converting it. Both ordinal (categorized: bar, column, etc.) and value scales are supported. You get full control over any settings (interval, min/max control, etc). Completely customizable data input (any format of date/time data, including UNIX time stamps). This feature allows to to have use advanced formatting for axis, data labels and tooltips.

Logarithmic Scales

AnyChart can plot chart using logarithmic scales for any chart type. Both X and Y scales can be logarithmic. The base of log scale can be customized. Please note that such scales are fully configurable as usual scales. Logarithmic scales is must-have feature for all scientific and financial charts.

Axis positioning

There are full control available for axis position for any chart type and any combinations. There are 32 different combinations of axis positions available.


Axis inversion

You can invert an axis for any chart type and any combinations. Also with axis you'll get your data inverted. It works for all types of scales: usual, logarithmic, date/time. Both X and Y axis support this feature.


Interactive Gauges and Gauge Dashboards

Feature rich Gauge Engine allows creation of Editable Interactive Gauges, Composite Gauges and Gauges with real-time update.


Other exciting features:

  • Large Set of Chart Types - over 60 of basic chart types and we will keep this number growing.
  • Gauges - Circular, Linear (Horizontal and Linear), Bullet-Graphs, Indicators and more.
  • Uncountable Number of Chart Combinations - chart combination engine allows to plot most of chart types together.
  • Great Interactivity Options - clickable, hoverable, selectable data point, external function, AJAX support and more.
  • Interactive Dashboards - easy building of interactive dashboard using AnyChart Dashboard feature.
  • Axes Scaling - Axis Scaling for displaying of non-metric units and units conversion.
  • Date Time Scale - native date time scale with flexible formatting.
  • True Type Fonts Support - any language, free angle rotation and any (upon request) font.
  • Hatch Fills - for printed versions of charts.
  • Keyword Based Formatting - easy chart text configuration using a number of built-in and custom keywords.
  • Custom Data Point Attributes - attach custom fields to point or series for use in labels, tooltips, legend and actions.
  • Palettes - custom palettes, color range palettes, gradient palettes, custom hatch and marker palettes.
  • Coloring Techniques - set color with RGB, HSB, Hex Codes, HTML Constants and Color transformation functions.
  • Styles and Templates - powerful styles and templates techniques for easy chart configuration and settings reuse.
  • FireFox Printing and Printing Preview Support - no problems with printing and printing preview in FireFox.
  • Save As Image - save chart as image feature for email sending or chart export.
  • ...and many more features

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