AnyChart technology has allowed us to significantly improve Oracle Application Express's charting capabilities.
Michael Hichwa,
Vice President of Software Development, Oracle

AnyChart components are well built and easy to work with.The Flash Pro team was able to use them to successfully complete internal data tracking projects with great results.For the internal projects we do that require data visualization, AnyChart provides a great out of the box solution that work well on all platforms.
Sean Kranzberg,
Sr. Manager, Quality Engineering, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Looking for a charting solution? Anychart -> Flash and html5. Great and quick support from the helpdesk when needed.
Geoffrey Molenschot
Front-end Developer, Rabobank

As a long time user of AnyCharts, the AnyStock chart suite represents a powerful extension to our financial reporting service which is delivering investor reporting solutions to Global 100 financial institutions and over half a million of their investors.
Bob Miller,
CEO, CorrectNet, Inc.

AnyChart's powerful logarithmic charting allowed us to display complex acoustical data in an easy to understand interface.
Erik Gundersen,
Director Advanced Products, Rockford Corp.

AnyStock provides an extraordinary, rich feature set that enabled me to create the exact time-series plots I needed for several applications. We have time-series data sets with several thousand data points and AnyStock has the fastest load times and best interactive performance for handling them. UNAVCO will be expanding the use of AnyStock to present numerous time-series data sets that UNAVCO produces.
Lee Snett,
Software Engineering Manager, Plate Boundary Observatory, UNAVCO

AnyChart has been used for really complex visualizations, and the benefit for traders and energy meteorologists is really high! Now it is very easy for them to get comprehensive visualizations of the information they need for important trading decisions.
Sebastian Glink,
Sales & Key Account Manager, Meteomedia AG

As a developer, I want to thank you all for an outstanding product - it is a very handy tool to use!
Evgeniy Fedko,
Senior Developer, Luxoft, VTB Capital Team

Customer service can't be described by any other word but "excellent". The sales staff responds fast and support people react in the same way. The company cares about its customers and listens to new ideas for future release implementation.
Oleg Patsianskiy,
Independent strategic consultant

I'm extremely impressed with what I'm seeing now. I've done extensive search in the market for a good charting software and no one come close to what AnyChart can do.
Kenneth Koh,
Managing Director, Easttech Pte Ltd

We are extremely pleased with the capabilities and usability of AnyChart and we're confident that our customers will take full advantage of the integration as well.
Marco Adelfio,
APEX Developer, Oracle

AnyChart was perfect for us. We needed a solution that would be easy to integrate, intuitive for our clients and provide enough charting options to meet all of their needs. AnyChart has fitted the bill perfectly.
Ray Irving,
Director, Auditr

Thanks again — great product! We have been using the charts for a bit now and love them.
Seth Morecraft,
CCSTM Computing LLC

I remember corresponding with you on a question a couple years ago. Thanks for the help back then too! Since then I've recommended AnyChart and AnyGantt to multiple clients.
Paul Olson,
Boundless Dimensions

Just to say, my sales team are in Europe this week. Demonstrating the website with your stock component. All the customers love it. Gone down very well.
Nick Price,
Technical Manager, Signatrol Ltd.

We would like to thank you for AnyChart Component. We use it for Management Information System visualization in one of the largest Russian banks. In integration with Flex, Anychart helps us to bring to life a large amount of interesting ideas, suggestions and reduces development time. AnyChart Support Team is very responsible and prompt.
Alexey Lukovnikov,
Project Director

It is an impressive work you have done, and a lot of good documentation.
Sverre Farstad,

We have been using AnyChart for a while and are very happy with it.
John Tangney,
Industrial Logic, Inc

I would just like to thank you guys for such a wonderful product. It's so easy to get started with it, but even after several months of use, the sheer amount of features means I am still learning new ways to generate and customize charts. It's brilliant!
John Aherne,
tw telecom inc.

Really finding these graphs easy to use and they produce great results.
Andy Mogg,
Charles Hollywood Limited

Fabulous value! Fabulous support! Packed with features, easy to customize and integrate into our own applications. Our users are just happy.
Sergey Kornilov,

Have been working with the anygannt now for some time and are really pleased with it.
Ulf Elfving,
Hortlax Data

Love the product! We're very pleased to be customers.
John Hobart,
Synergy Codeworks, LLC

I am trying the anychart application out for a project of mine. I'm quite impressed by the application.
Arun Tom,
Carinov Systems Private Limited

By investigation, I found AnyChart & AnyMap is the best tool for chart drawing.
Zhaokui Feng,
Shaanxi Meteorological Information Center

Great product you guys have made, have really enjoyed using it.
Phil Ricketts,
Astute Media

We are currently licensed users of AnyChart/AnyGantt, and are very happy with the product.
Daniel A. Brown,
Software Architect, Locus Technologies

I would like to thank you for the wonderful AnyChart tool.
Maha Ahmed

Users are delighted, thanks a lot!
Eugeniy Shtern

I absolutely love your product!
R. J. Lewis III
Software Engineer, Cyber Asset Reduction and Security Task Force,
NETWARCOM - U.S. Navy, CSC Defense Group

After testing most (if not all) of the charting solutions available today, I am certain that generating the reports we require, would have been much more difficult to achieve without AnyChart.
Danny Ben Shitrit,
Founder, Atlantis Research