<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">
		<title>Update Existing Data Set Values along with Streaming</title>
		<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
		<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="./../js/AnyChartStock.js?v=1.9.0r9317"></script>
		<!-- Randomizer script. It is used to make random more smooth. -->
		<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="./js/Randomizer.js"></script>
		<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>
		<!-- chart size settings -->
		<style type="text/css">
			#chartContainer {
				width: 800px;
				height: 550px;
				float: left;
		<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
			// Creating new chart object. 
			var chart = new AnyChartStock("./../swf/AnyChartStock.swf?v=1.9.0r9317", "./../swf/Preloader.swf?v=1.9.0r9317");
			// Setting XML config file.
			// needConfig set to true allows to work with objectModel (to change series type in this sample)
			chart.needConfig = true;
			// Writing the flash object into the page DOM.
			//		Date time utils
			// Format dat time according to mask set in config.xml for dataset (id = "dataSet1", mask: %u)
			function formatDate(date) {
				return Math.round(date.getTime() / 1000);
			// date time increment
			function nextDate(date) {
			//		Series type
			function changeSeriesType() {
				chart.getSeriesById("idMainChart","idMainSeries").type = $("#seriesType").val();
			//		Randomizer
			// generate row in csv
			function generateRandomRow(date) {
				var open = lastClose;	// open value - last close
				close = closeRandomizer.generateNextValue()+Math.random()*0.03; // random close value
				high = Math.max(high, close); // high - maximal value
				low = Math.min(low, close); // low -  minimal value
				// Create string accroding to CSV settings for  data set "dataSet1"
				return formatDate(date) + "," + open + "," + high + "," + low + "," + close;
			//		Streaming + Updating
			var high; // current high value
			var low; // current low value
			var close = 31.1350; // Last close value
			var lastClose = close;
			var timestamp = new Date(1272311940000); // Last Date in data set
			// Randomizer instance for close values
			var closeRandomizer = new Randomizer(lastClose, 30.99, 31.25, 0.01);
			// quantity of changes
			var changeCount = 0;
			// changes interval
			var lastChangeInterval;
			// start streaming
			function startStreaming() {
				// Set Start and Stop buttons states
			// function to add new point
			function addPoint() {
				nextDate(timestamp); // date time increment
				lastClose = close; // remember last close
				high = close; // new high is the last close
				low = close; // new low is the same
				changeCount = 0; // quantity of changes
				lastChangeInterval = setInterval(changeLast, 500, false); // change values every 500 ms
				changeLast(true); // add one point and remove one point
			// function to change values of the last point
			function changeLast() {
				if (changeCount == 10) { // if changes has been made 11 times - go to next point
					clearInterval(lastChangeInterval); // clear changes interval
					addPoint(); // start adding next point
				}else {
					var removePoint = arguments.length > 0 ? arguments[0] : false; // remove first point or not?
					var csvData = generateRandomRow(timestamp); // generate random row
					chart.appendData("dataSet1", csvData, removePoint ? 1 : 0); // add it to csv
					chart.commitDataChanges(); // apply changes
					changeCount++; // changeCount increment
			// Function to stop streaming
			function stopStreaming() {
				// Set Start and Stop buttons states
				clearInterval(lastChangeInterval); // stop changing
			//		html events binding
			$(function() {
			//		Enable html controls
			chart.onChartDraw = function() {
				chart.onChartDraw = null;
		<!-- style settings -->
		<style type="text/css">
			table.settings {
				border-style: solid;
				border-width: 1px;
				border-color: #D0CDC9;
			table.settings tr th {
				font:normal 60% Verdana;
				background-color: #DCD9D5;
			table.settings tr td {
				background-color: #F8F4F0;
				font:normal 70% Verdana;
			table.settings input, table.settings select {
				width: 150px;
		<div id="chartContainer"><!-- Chart Container --></div>
		<table class="settings">
				<th colspan="2">Streaming:</th>
				<td>Start: </td>
				<td><input id="btnStart" type="button" value="Start" disabled="disabled" onclick="startStreaming()" /></td>
				<td>Stop: </td>
				<td><input id="btnStop" type="button" value="Stop" disabled="disabled" onclick="stopStreaming()"/></td>
				<th colspan="2">Series type:</th>
				<td>Series type: </td>
				<td><select id="seriesType" disabled="disabled">
					<option value="Line">Line</option>
					<option value="Candlestick" selected="true">Candlestick</option>
					<option value="OHLC">OHLC</option>
					<option value="Area">Area</option>

Sample Description

How to use this sample?

Use Start/Stop button to enable to control data streaming and drop down list to switch series type.

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How it works

This sample shows how chart values can be updated in real-time using methods described in Real-Time Data Streaming and Data Manipulations, but, at the same time, it is almost ready to use application prototype, that shows live data feed with ability to see newcoming values oscillations.

Particularly, when you click buttons script generates random points and then starts updating one point, does this several time using appendData and then pushes it into the data set using the same appendData method, in both cases appending or updating should be followed by commitDataChanges to apply changes. Note, that when you series is updated not only series displayed on the chart changes, but also thumbnail series in scroller is updated too, because they are based on the same data set.

The special thing in this sample you should understand is the fact, that appendData is used both for adding data and updating values too - please see Logic Principles section in Real-Time Data Streaming and Data Manipulations.

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AnyChartStock JavaScript API

This sample uses the following methods, properties and events from AnyChartStock JavaScript API:

Item Type Description
needConfig Property (Boolean) Defines whether the access to full chart configuration object model is required.
appendData Method Appends data to the chart.
applySettingsChanges Method Commits changes made to settings element of the objectModel.
commitDataChanges Method Commits data appends and data points erasure made by appendData(), removeDataRow() and removeDataRange() method calls.
getSeriesById Method Gets series object from the object model by its id.
setXMLFile Method Sets chart XML configuration file path.
write Method Adds the chart to HTML DOM as a child of the specified container.
onChartDraw Event This event is dispatched when the AnyChart Stock is drawn.

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This section lists all configuration, data and auxiliary files required for this sample.

Configuration file

CSV files

SWF files

  • AnyChartStock.swf - AnyChart Stock component.
  • Preloader.swf - AnyChart Stock helper component that loads the main component (AnyChartStock.swf) and displays loading progress.

JavaScript Libraries

  • jquery.min.js - A JavaScript jQuery library. Learn more at jQuery official site.
  • Randomizer.js - A sample JavaScript library that generates random values.
  • AnyChartStock.js - A JavaScript library that is shipped with AnyChart Stock component. It is used to embed the component into HTML DOM and to comunicate with the Flash part.

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