<title>Get Annotation List as JSON or XML</title>
		<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>	
		<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="./../js/AnyChartStock.js?v=1.9.0r9317"></script>
		<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
			// Creating new chart object. 
			var chart = new AnyChartStock("./../swf/AnyChartStock.swf?v=1.9.0r9317", "./../swf/Preloader.swf?v=1.9.0r9317");
			// Setting XML config file.
			// Writing the flash object into the page DOM.

			// Enabling disabled buttons when chart has rendered
			chart.onChartDraw = function () {

			// Enable StopDrawingAnnotation button when any annotation drawing has started
			chart.onAnnotationDrawingStart = function (id) {

			// Disable StopDrawingAnnotation button when annotation drawing successfully finished
			chart.onAnnotationDrawingFinish = function (id) {
			    document.getElementById("btnStopDrawing").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");

			// Enable btnRemoveSelectedAnnotation button when any annotation has been selected
			chart.onAnnotationSelect = function (id) {

			// Disable btnRemoveSelectedAnnotation button when no annotation is selected. 
			// This event also fires when the selected annotation has been removed, so we don't 
			// need to duplicate this disabling code to the removeSelectedAnnotation() function.
			chart.onAnnotationDeselect = function (id) {
			    document.getElementById("btnRemoveSelected").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");

            // All available one-anchor-point annotations
			var onePointAnnotations = [

			// All available two-anchor-points annotations
			var twoPointAnnotations = [

			// All available three-anchor-points annotations
			var threePointAnnotations = [

            // Start drawing random one-anchor-point annotation
			function startOnePointAnnotation() {
			    chart.startDrawingAnnotation(onePointAnnotations[Math.floor(Math.random() * onePointAnnotations.length)]);

			// Start drawing random two-anchor-points annotation
			function startTwoPointsAnnotation() {
			    chart.startDrawingAnnotation(twoPointAnnotations[Math.floor(Math.random() * twoPointAnnotations.length)]);

			// Start drawing random three-anchor-points annotation
			function startThreePointsAnnotation() {
			    chart.startDrawingAnnotation(threePointAnnotations[Math.floor(Math.random() * threePointAnnotations.length)]);

			// Stop drawing annotation
			function stopDrawing() {
			    document.getElementById("btnStopDrawing").setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");

			// Removes selected annotation
			function removeSelected() {
			    var id = chart.getSelectedAnnotationId()

			// Removes all annotations from the chart
			function removeAll() {

            // Gets annotation list as JSON
			function getListAsJSON() {
			    document.getElementById("log").value = traceObject(chart.getAnnotationListAsJSON());

			// Gets annotation list as XML
			function getListAsXML() {
			    document.getElementById("log").value = chart.getAnnotationListAsXML();

			// Auxiliary function that turns object into json string
			function traceObject(obj) {
			    return chart.flashObject.traceObject(obj);
		<!-- table settings -->
		<style type="text/css">
			table.settings {
				border-style: solid;
				border-width: 1px;
				border-color: #D0CDC9;

			table.settings tr th {
				font:normal 60% Verdana;
				background-color: #DCD9D5;
			table.settings tr td {
				background-color: #F8F4F0;
				font:normal 70% Verdana;
			table.settings tr td input {
				width: 100%;
			#chartContainer {
				width: 700px;
				height: 300px;
			#log {
				width: 700px;
				height: 300;
				background-color: #FEFEFE;
				border-width: 1px;
				border-color: #C9C6C2;
				border-style: solid;
                <table class="settings">
			        <tr><td id="chartContainer"><!-- Chart Container --></td></tr>
			        <tr><th>Object Model:</th></tr>
			        <tr><td><textarea id="log" spellcheck="false"></textarea></td></tr>
            <td valign="top">
		            <table class="settings">
				            <th>Available Action</th>
				            <td><input id="btnOnePointAnnotStart" type="button" value="Add one-anchor-point annotation" 
                                    onclick="startOnePointAnnotation();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnTwoPointsAnnotStart" type="button" value="Add two-anchor-points annotation" 
                                    onclick="startTwoPointsAnnotation();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnThreePointsAnnotStart" type="button" value="Add three-anchor-points annotation" 
                                    onclick="startThreePointsAnnotation();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnStopDrawing" type="button" value="Stop drawing annotations" 
                                    onclick="stopDrawing();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnRemoveSelected" type="button" value="Remove selected annotation" 
                                    onclick="removeSelected();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnRemoveAll" type="button" value="Remove all annotations" 
                                    onclick="removeAll();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
                    <table class="settings">
				            <th colspan="2">Action</th>
				            <td><input id="btnGetListAsJSON" type="button" value="Get annotations as JSON" onclick="getListAsJSON();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>
				            <td><input id="btnGetListAsXML" type="button" value="Get annotations as XML" onclick="getListAsXML();" disabled="disabled" autocomplete="off"/></td>

Sample Description

How to use this sample?

Sample shows how to get all annotations using getAnnotationListAsJSON() or getAnnotationListAsXML() methods.

Click "Add one-anchor-point annotation", "Add two-anchor-points annotation" or "Add three-anchor-points annotation" to draw a random annotation. To abort drawing click "Stop drawing annotations". Remove one or all using "Remove selected annotation" and "Remove all annotations" buttons.

To get settings of all annotations in the chart in JSON format, click "Get annotations in JSON", to get them in XML click"Get annotations as XML".

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How it works

When you press "Add one-anchor-point annotation", "Add two-anchor-points annotation" or "Add three-anchor-points annotation", startDrawingAnnotaiton() starts the drawing mode. removeAnnotation() and removeAllAnnotation() remove annotations upon removal buttons click, stopDrawingAnnotation() method aborts drawing.

To get a list of all annotations in a chart you should use getAnnotationListAsJSON() or getAnnotationListAsXML() method, which return lists in JSON or XML format. You can use this data to store annotation drawn or analyse them. Learn more about annotations in Working with annotations article.

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AnyChartStock JavaScript API

This sample uses the following methods, properties and events from AnyChartStock JavaScript API:

Item Type Description
flashObject Property (DOM Object) Link to a created Flash DOM object, that is used to show charts.
getAnnotationListAsJSON Method Returns an array with objects of annotation type, which contains all annotations in all charts.
getAnnotationListAsXML Method Returns an XML string with all annotations. XML of annotations is formatted as <annotation_list> node.
getSelectedAnnotationId Method Returns id of the selected annotation.
removeAllAnnotations Method Removes all annotations from all charts.
removeAnnotation Method Removes an annotation from the chart.
setXMLFile Method Sets chart XML configuration file path.
startDrawingAnnotation Method Starts drawing annotation of a given type.
stopDrawingAnnotation Method Ends drawing mode started by startDrawingAnnotation() method.
write Method Adds the chart to HTML DOM as a child of the specified container.
onAnnotationDeselect Event This event is dispatched when an annotation looses focus.
onAnnotationDrawingFinish Event This event is dispatched when an annotation drawing initiated by startDrawingAnnotation() finishes.
onAnnotationDrawingStart Event This event is dispatched when startDrawingAnnotation() methods is used and drawing has successfully started.
onAnnotationSelect Event This event is dispatched when an annotation is selected.
onChartDraw Event This event is dispatched when the AnyChart Stock is drawn.

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This section lists all configuration, data and auxiliary files required for this sample.

Configuration file

CSV files

SWF files

  • AnyChartStock.swf - AnyChart Stock component.
  • Preloader.swf - AnyChart Stock helper component that loads the main component (AnyChartStock.swf) and displays loading progress.

JavaScript Libraries

  • AnyChartStock.js - A JavaScript library that is shipped with AnyChart Stock component. It is used to embed the component into HTML DOM and to comunicate with the Flash part.

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