AnyChart Roadmap

AnyChart offers best-in-class charting solution, but we're working hard on adding new features. Here is the list of new features that we have already included in our release schedule. We have very aggressive roadmap and we're ready to listen you - our customers - about new improvements. We would appreciate any your suggestions - please contact us with your ideas.

AnyChart 7.x

7.5.0 version ETA: Jun'15

  • Stock Charts beta release
  • Animation effects for most popular charts types
  • 3D Pie/Donut charts support
  • Funnel Chart type support
  • Pyramid Chart type support
  • Theming
  • String tokens for all text formatters

7.6.0 version ETA: TBA

  • Maps beta release
  • Full accessibility support (section 508)

Version is not assigned yet

  • Dashboarding tools
  • HeatMap Chart type support
  • TreeMap Chart type support
  • Waterfall Chart type support
  • Vertical Line Chart type support
  • Marimekko Chart type support
  • Kagi Chart type support
  • RadialTreeMap Chart type support

AnyChart 6.x (old version support)

6.3.0 version ETA: Dec'14

  • Rendering Performance Improvements
  • Image support in HTML5 Engine

Version History