Chart types

Wide variety of Chart Types:

Column 2D chart Column chart Bar 2D Chart Bar Chart
Line 2D Chart Line Chart Spline 2D Chart Spline Chart
Step-Line 2D Chart Step-Line Chart Area 2D Chart Area Chart
Spline-Area 2D Chart Spline-Area Chart Step-Line-Area 2D Chart Step-Line-Area Chart
Range-Column 2D Chart Range-Column Chart* Range-Bar 2D Chart Range-Bar Chart*
Range-Area 2D Chart Range-Area Chart* Range-Spline-Area 2D Chart Range-Spline-Area Chart*
Stacked Column 2D chart Stacked Column Chart Stacked Bar 2D Chart Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Area 2D Chart Stacked Area Chart Stacked Spline-Area 2D Chart Stacked Spline-Area Chart
Stacked Step-Line-Area 2D Chart Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart 100% Stacked Column 2D chart 100% Stacked Column Chart
100% Stacked Bar 2D Chart 100% Stacked Bar Chart 100% Stacked Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Area Chart
100% Stacked Spline-Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Spline-Area Chart 100% Stacked Step-Line-Area 2D Chart 100% Stacked Step-Line-Area Chart
Dot/Marker Chart Dot/Marker Chart Bubble Chart Bubble Chart*
Stock(HLOC) Chart Stock(OHLC) Chart Candlestick Chart Candlestick Chart
Scatter Chart Scatter Chart Pie Chart Pie Chart
Doughnut Chart Doughnut Chart Circular Gauge Circular Gauge*
Horizontal Gauge Horizontal Gauge* Vertical Gauge Vertical Gauge*
Image Gauge Image Gauge Indicator Gauge Indicator Gauge*
Thermometer Gauge Thermometer Gauge* Tank Gauge Tank Gauge*

We're adding new chart type constantly. If you need any chart type that are not available in our set, please contact us and we'll add it.

* chart types marked with an asterisk are not yet supported, but will be published very soon.

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